Why After Builders Clean is needed? Everyone has a dream of buying an own home. Especially the ones who have spent a lot of years in rented homes have this desire. The house takes time for the construction depending upon the size of the house and the kind of labor who are involved. The home after getting constructed has a lot of cleaning which has to be done due to the mess that has been created after the constructed. One cannot enter the home just like that as soon as the construction gets completed; an After Builders Clean is much needed. The home gets the look it has to possess only after the cleaning process.

After Builders Clean

Steps to clean and decorate a newly built home: After Builders Clean

The house which has been newly constructed definitely needs an After Builders clean and that can be done by an individual or some companies which are specialized for the purpose of it can be used.

After Builders Clean, Going room by room:

Always the room which is in the last corner or the room which is the final part of the home should be started with. As one keeps descending in the order of rooms, the cleaning becomes easy as one does not have to clean the room twice. Coz if the person starts with the first room of the home, then the room will get dirty again and again due to the piling up of dust that happens due to the accumulation from other rooms of the house.

List of Equipment:

The list of equipment which is required for the After Builders Clean is as below:

  • Bucket and mug
  • Broomstick
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Soaps and liquid soaps
  • Disinfectant cleaners
  • Sponge
  • Bleaching Powder
  • Feather Duster
  • Sacks
  • The bucket and mug are the mandate ones to carry the water and mop the floors. Nothing can make the floor crystal clear and shine like a diamond-like how a water wash does.
  • The broomstick is used to clean the dust which is very huge in size.
  • The Vacuum Cleaner is used to clean the dust which is ultra-small and also the nooks and corners of the roofs and the home can be cleaned only with the help of vacuum cleaner.
  • The soaps and the liquid soaps are the ones which loosen up the tough dirt stains on the floors of the rooms especially in the kitchen.
  • The disinfectant cleaners are used to make sure that the sink of the kitchen and the restrooms and toilets are disinfected from the germs that would have numbered due to the stagnant water used in the construction and also due to the closed atmosphere during the construction phase.
  • The sponge is used to suck the excess water from the sink and other places where water is logged.
  • The Bleaching powder has the ability to brighten the floors. This is used to clean places like kitchen and bathrooms where the stains are very tough.
  • The Feather Duster is used to remove the dust from the grills of the windows and the pillars of the home.
  • The sacks are used to throw the wastes and dust in as one cannot keep carrying the dustbin to all the rooms of the house.

The After Builders Clean process should proceed like this, using the broomstick to clean the entire home; the huge dust can be removed. The vacuum cleaners and the feather dusters are used to remove the minute dust from all places. The bleaching powder, soaps, liquid soaps and disinfectant cleaners are used to remove the tough stains from the floors. The final water wash is flushed down using water from bucket and mug. The excess water is removed from the floors and other places of the home using a dry sponge.

Why to lend the After Builders Clean services to a company or a firm?

Already the person who has bought the home will be occupied with other activities so the companies can be let in to do the after builder clean services since there are many companies in the market. Many come up with different packages to suit one’s pocket. Some offer express services based on the shortage of time. The multitude of companies for the After Builders Cleanup has this biggest advantage that one can choose from various companies and the various options they offer.

Things to be remembered before opting for an After Builders Clean services from a company:

  • The home should be handed over to the company only after a thorough checkup if the home has any cracks or holes.
  • The company should be checked if its licensed and registered as they should keep up their words after the cleanup
  • The above processes mentioned for the cleaning should be noted by the house owners to keep an eye if the cleaners are doing the right job.
  • The newspapers can be spread on the floor to keep the cleaning materials and other items that the floor doesn’t get stained.

Dream house, as they say, takes lots of hard-earned efforts put in, so the right After Builders Clean services when hired makes the entry of the person who has bought the home, the most joyous and memorable one.