Tenancy checks out procedures is one of the integral aspects of tenancy management. Much attention needs to be paid to such pre-tenancy cleaning processes in order to deliver the old rented house. Landlords tend to re-let the old rented house immediately as the older tenants leave the property. But then the older tenants need to assure that the Pre-Tenancy Cleanproperty is cleaned and remained spotless so that they can get back their deposits from the landlord, otherwise the owner might not give back their deposit because of the filthy state of the house. This might further call for bitter disputes between the tenants and the landlord, thereby creating silly and worthless issues. Therefore, Pre-Tenancy Clean is an essential activity which must be performed in order to avoid issues with the landlord as well as getting back the deposit on time.

Landlords need to rectify problems like repairing and cleaning the house along with losing out on the income that he would have earned during the repairing time. The property also needs to be reviewed by potential customers and should be perfectly ready for advertisements only after the entire cleaning and repairing activities. For this there are number of companies providing Pre-Tenancy Clean services based on your needs and demands at best prices possible. Sometimes tenants claiming against their deposit seems to be higher than the amount that the professional cleaners charge. In such a case, the landlord should look after the matter carefully and try and negotiate with his old tenants so that he does not suffer from any loss.

Here are the initial steps that must be adopted in a process of Pre-Tenancy Clean activity:

  1. Inventory of the concerned property

During the commencement of a new tenancy deal, a detailed and independent inventory of the property is important so as to get a clear view of the past and upcoming condition of the property. The tenant must know details about the property’s past record as well as what is expected during their check out time.

  1. Checklist along with an advance check out letter

The landlord must send a check out letter right before 2 weeks of the actual checking out date. This letter must contain a checklist in order to enlighten the tenants what they are expected to do. The landlord should be upfront in mentioning the need for a professional and independent checking out report that is to be compiled while vacating the rented property. Also it is mentioned that failing in returning the property as it is expected from the tenants may result in claiming against the tenant’s deposit.

  1. An inspection regarding check out is to be conducted

The landlord must ensure that a check out inspection along with a report compiled is conducted so as to be aware of the condition of the rented property then and there only. Any damage or issue discovered later might not be paid heed to as the inspection has already been done.

These are therefore the fundamental steps to be followed in an activity of Pre-Tenancy Clean service, ensuring every detail that is expected from the tenants so that no major issue between both the landlord and the tenants arises later in the future. It is always better to avoid lengthy disputes and be cautious in following the above steps to result in a successful tenancy check out process.

Here are few more things to do before leaving your rented property, thereby, going through the Pre-Tenancy Clean service so as to make sure that you are not at any fault and go through the inspection process easily, thereby maintaining a healthy and cordial relationship with your landlord in future:

  • Ovens, fridge or freezers, washing machines and other appliances are to be cleaned thoroughly. The inside of such appliances are often ignored and therefore, can be left unclean, giving rise to unwanted smell and insects.
  • Additional doors along with door frames are to be removed. Also, wiping off the skirtings is to be done.
  • The area beneath the bed is place where lot of dust accumulates. Therefore, it is necessary to clean under the bed thoroughly.
  • The drawers are also to be dusted off, leaving them spotless.
  • The toilet brushes needs to be washed with disinfectants, thereby leaving them clean and ready to use.
  • Extractor fans along with cooker hoods need to be degreased and kept clean.
  • Light sockets are to be cleaned along with wiping off dusting shades, pendant light and any other lights if any.
  • The smoke alarms are also to be dusted off and not left unclean.
  • Another important task to do is to remove the lime scale from the taps, shower screens, basins, etc.
  • The windows are also to be cleaned thoroughly along with the window frames.

Thus, a lot of attention needs to be paid during the Pre-Tenancy Clean process so as to avoid further disputes with the landlord. A thorough cleaning of the entire house, considering each and every corner of the house on a regular basis, in order to avoid last minute cleaning activities which turn out to be unsuccessful at times.